DIY Sukkah Lamp

Design and illustration for a succah lamp
“How do I make a lamp for the sukkah?” from Jugendkalender 5690

From the 1929/30 edition of Jugendkalendar, published by Jüdischer Verlag, edited by Emil Bernhard Cohn.

How do I make a lamp for the sukkah?

Cut the Star of David out of thick paper and cover it with colored paper or paint it (Fig.3.) Then, take a strong transparent paper, paint some stripes or nice pattern on it and fold it back and forth, now to the right, now to the left (Fig. 2.) Then make a hole through the top and bottom, pull a string through the top and a thread through the bottom and unfold the paper like an umbrella. Tie it [the umbrella] securely to the string with six threads in the six angles of the Star of David. Make the threads long enough to take the ends and tie them together in a knot, on which you can hang the lamp (Fig. 1).