Features and Fashions

Features and fashions, The Palestine Post
Page of a special section of The Palestine Post, Features and Fashions, from May 1, 1947

Masthead design for Features and Fashions in The Jerusalem Post, May 1, 1947. Helen Rossi Koussevitzky was the editor.


BETWEEN the two world wars women entered many professions previously monopolized by men in the fields of arts, science, medicine, law and industry. Shopkeepers dress their windows to catch the woman’s eye, and every man strives for her approval. With women generally the beneficiaries insurance companies report that about 80 per cent of the money paid out in death policies goes to them. Many more current bank account are held jointly by husbands and wives. In most workers’ families the wives handle the wages.

Aware of women’s expanding needs, The Palestine Post is introducing a women’s section, designed to serve their interests. So vast is the field covered today by what is called women’s interests, that it has been recognized that they wish to supple ment their reading, through a newspaper that pays special attention to their needs.

Our proposed Women’s Section will be produced in magazine format, having eight pages. Its feature articles will cover a wide field of interests attuned to women’s growing share in the world about them. Home making, children, cookery, fashions, will all receive special attention. In make-up and printing it will be new and attractively designed.

To the advertiser aware of the country’s “women-power”, The Palestine Post’s Women’s Section – “Features and Fashions” is the place to sell more to the women of Palestine. If you wish to build solidly for the future, build your advertising programme around the Post’s “Features and Fashions”.

“Features and Fashions” will be distributed with the Wednesday issue of The Palestine Post, giving you a guaranteed circulation of more than 20,000, plus the editorial prestige of the foremost English language news paper in the Middle East.