Geyer Studio Keepsake

Geyer Studio keepsake
Back page for a Geyer Studio keepsake, 1980.

Back page of a keepsake printed for the participants of lectures and workshops sponsored by the Geyer Studio during spring and summer 1980. Quarterfold, offset print. 14.5 x 22 cm.

We at geyer Studio have chosen calligraphy as our profession and have been engaged in many diverse projects related to it. We have come to share the conviction that the continuous vitality of this studio will depend, not only on interest in calligraphy, but on demands and appreciation of high standards in this field. To this end we published in 1979 “OUR CALLIGRAPHIC HERITAGE, The Geyer Studio Writing Book” with the intention of sharing our enthusiasm and experience with all those calligraphers and patrons of calligraphy that we will be able to reach.

Following this publication we have decided to sponsor lectures and workshops designed to serve the same purpose.

This keepsake is intended as a token of kinship to be shared by those who are involved in the different facets of calligraphy.