About Café Hermon

Hermon Café, retaurant at 10 Keren Kayemet Street, 1938–1984.

Breakfast at Café Hermon
Breakfast at Café Hermon Courtesy of the Central Zionist Archive

In 1938, a pair of German emigrés named Reiner and Scharf opened the café on the ground floor of 10 Keren Kayemet Street in the Rehavia neighborhood, just two doors away from Ismar David’s studio. The café was a favorite meeting place for intellectuals, artists and Zionist leaders, among them: David Ben Gurion and his wife Paula, Menachem Ussishkin, Itzhak Shenhar, Shlomo Zemach and Aharon Appelfeld. Local kids went there for ice cream. Charlotte Stein was a regular. Gabi Rosenthal and Ismar David, too. People in the neighborhood joked about the radio journalists who frequented the place. They’d have a bite to eat, eavesdrop on the politicians, and leave on the hour to make their broadcasts at the station nearby.1Much of the information above comes from the Malon Information Center.

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