About Lud Cigarettes

Lud Cigarette Factory (בית חרושת לסיגריות לוד בע”מ), Israeli factory that was founded in 1950 by the Histadrut

Lud manufactured cigarette brands, including Consul in 1950, Knesseth, Gila, Sharon, Etzion, Eilat in 1951, Noblesse in 1953, Negev, Lud in 1955, Knesset 6, Maksim, Silon in 1956, Lux, Record, Dolphin in 1957, Capri, Paz, Everest in 1961, A.L.F in 1964, Ben-hur in 1965, Mirage in 1967, and Mustang in 1970. By 1971 it suffered economic difficulties and was sold to Dubek Ltd., the Israeli cigarette manufacturing company that had been established in 1935.

Ismar david designed packages and advertisements for various brands, from 1950-1952.

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