Pen and quill maker

Norm Brown, maker of customized pens and quills in Livermore, California.

Pens and quills by Norm Brown
Letter with pens and quills made by Norm Brown.

Livermore, Ca. 94550

Dear Ismar,

The enclosed little gift is a token of appreciation for the way you have shared your art and talents with us. The pen holder handles are from the root of the myrtle which grows both on our coast and in Palestine. The offset holder is skewed so you can bring the nib tip on to the handle axis. A low angle gives broader down strokes than a high and the nib can be rotated to accommodate this. I have not written with this set of quills so they may be burred. A swipe or two on #6oo Emery or Crocus should clear that and dental floss will clear a clogged slit. I suspect such molded quills were used for rotunda.

Norm Brown
(Fountain Pen & 40001 & Gum Arabic)

Norm Brown quill pens
Quill pens made by Norm Brown.
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