About Philip Grushkin

Philip Grushkin, 1921–1998, graphic artist, book designer.

Philip Grushkin business card
Philip Grushkin’s business card.

Like his classmate, Jeanyee Wong, Phil Grushkin studied calligraphy at Cooper Union under George Salter. Grushkin went on to design books and jackets for Alfred A. Knopf, Random House, Abbevile and Harry N. Abrams and later as an independent designer.

He had a darkroom in his home and rode to the rescue when problems arose reproducing the ink drawings for the Psalms. Ismar David had done the drawings on mylar, a material he loved, because it enabled him to create crisp lines by scratching the material with a razor blade. The result, however, was impossible to photograph in the conventional manner. Lit from above, the ink drawing cast a shadow, heaving up the lines. Phil Grushkin was able to eliminate the shadow by photographing the drawings on a light box, lit from behind.

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