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Pinelawn Memorial Park, nondenominational cemetery in Farmingdale, Long Island, New York. founded by William H. Locke, Jr. in 1902.

Ismar David at Pinelawn Memorial Park
Ismar David in a mausoleum complex he designed at Pinelawn Memorial Park, Farmingdale, Long Island, New York, c.1992.

Alfred Locke, son of Pinelawn’s founder, first engaged Ismar David in 1964, on the recommendation of Leon Shipper, another cemetery owner. The commission was a small mausoleum building, featuring John Donne’s Meditation XVII, which begins “No man is an island entire of itself…” David’s subsequent association with the Locke family and Pinelawn Memorial Park lasted for more than 30 years and involved planning the grounds and roads, designing large mausoleum complexes and features for ground burial areas, as well as graphics for promotion and advertising.

“The policy of Pinelawn is and always will be, to make it as beautiful and as tasteful as possible. Not merely by giving careful attention to all lawns, roads, foliage and flowers, and individual memorials but by developing a comprehensive park plan adapted to the size and resources of Pinelawn … by which the beauty of each part will be designed to contribute to the beauty of the whole, thereby enhancing the dignity and solemnity of the entire park.” From Pinelawn’s original brochure in 1902

Ismar David at Pinelawn Memorial Park
Ismar David, seated on the base of a feature in the Garden of Hymns, Pinelawn Memorial Park, Farmingdale, New York, 1966.

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