About Jossi Stern

Jossi Stern, 1923–1992, painter, illustrator and teacher.

Yossi Stern
Yossi Stern in 1957. Photograph by Hans Pinn in the National Photo Collection

At the age of seventeen, Jossi Stern managed to flee to Palestine from his native Hungary. He studied at the Bezalel Academy in Jerusalem, gaining recognition as an artist in the last years of the British Mandate. Mayor Teddy Kolleck called him the “Painter of Jerusalem.” He depicted his beloved city in cartoons, illustrations & paintings, in books and hometown newspapers, including Yediot Ahronot and Davar. He made news himself, when he came out as gay in the mid 1980s. He suffered a second heart attack in 1992 and died one month later.

Jossi Stern business card
A business card of artist Jossi Stern, Jerusalem.

Jossi Stern worked with Ismar David on the Hagana newspaper, The Defender, which was issued from December 1948 – April 1949. The two artists collaborated on posters during this time.

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