A Tribute to George Salter

A short memorial address by Ismar David about George Salter, 1897–1967, graphic designer, colleague and friend.

Today we are meeting here to evoke the presence of a great teacher who, by giving of himself so much to his students, has helped to establish the outstanding reputation which Cooper Union enjoyed during the decades of his teaching. George Salter’s concern for each individual student was not only professionally motivated but of [a] deep human nature. His personal, as well as his artistic integrity, touched everyone who was privileged to know him.

He has influenced my life when he recommended me as instructor for calligraphy in the year 1954. I am still grateful for his trust in me while I was a newcomer to this country with limited experience as an instructor. He was one of those artists who seem to remain young while continuously developing. The work of his later years truly impressed me as it seemed to deepen and to reveal his unique and humane personality to a higher degree than his earlier work that I had known.

His reward are those students who have made over the years a name for themselves and through their own work continue a tradition that George had started and thus his spirit remains with us.

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