About Emmy Roth

1885-1942, German-born silver and metalsmith.

Emmy Roth grew up in Hattigen, studied with C.A. Beumers in Düsseldorf and, after her first marriage, settled in Berlin. Between 1923 and 1933, she had a workshop in Charlottenberg and enjoyed considerable acclaim. After the Nazis seized power, she emigrated to France until 1935, when she left for Palestine and settled in Jerusalem. Unable to get sufficient commissions, she returned to Europe in 1937, working in the Netherlands. By late 1939 or early 1940, she was forced again to leave Europe, this time, settling in Tel Aviv. Ill with cancer and unable to work, Emmy Roth committed suicide in 1942.1Sänger, Reinhard W. “Emmy Roth” in FrauenSilber: Paula Straus, Emmy Roth & Co., Badisches Landesmuseum, 2011.

Ismar David designed a letterhead for her.

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