About Helen Rossi

Helen Rossi Koussevitzky, 1906–1990, Palestine Post editor, founder of various charitable funds, including the Post Toy Drive and Forsake Me Not campaign (to help the elderly).

Helen Rossi at her desk
Helen Rossi in Jerusalem, in charge of public relations for food control for the Mandatory government, circa 1942. Photos of Helen Rossi courtesy of Dan Koussevitzky.

The youngest of three Feinberg sisters in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania, Helen Rossi—the name that stuck with her for her entire career—studied at New York University and Cornell, before studying drama at Yale. She first visited Palestine in 1929 and returned to stay in 1934. After several years, she began working in the advertising department of the Palestine Post, later becoming an editor. She founded her own firm, R & S Public Relations.

She and Ismar David were friends. In letters to her sister, novelist Zelda Popkin, Rossi called Ismar “a commercial artist, decorator and letterer par excellence — the best in the country”1Letter from Helen Rossi to Zelda Popkin, American Jewish Archives. Ismar helped her with her womens’ supplement for the Palestine Post, Features and Fashions, which appeared for the first time on Wednesday, August 20, 1947 and her work in public relations. She brought about his introduction to Robert Leslie and was instrumental in Ismar getting the job for the Bonds of Israel Exhibition, that brought him to New York in 1952.

Jerusalem Post Toy Drive Pin
Jerusalem Post Toy Drive pin, c. 1960, reusing a graphic done by Ismar David.
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