About J.S. Haimson

Jacob S. Haimson, bookbinder.

J.S. Haimson’s bookbinding establishment was located at 25 King George Avenue in Jerusalem. Palestine Post art critic Theodore F. Meysels called him one of the “three outstanding craftsmen” who created the cover for the sixth Golden Book of the Keren Kayemeth, the Jewish National Fund.

Ismar David, who made the design and the lacquer covers for the binding, Werner Hess, goldsmith, and the bookbinder Haimson have between them produced a book which is bound to arouse the admiration not merely of the bibliophile, but to every lover of beautiful things.1 Meysels, Theodore F., Three Outstanding Craftsmen, Palestine Post August 30, 1940, p. 4.

It is highly likely that David created this ad that appeared in a 1944 Haifa, Jaffa and Tel Aviv telephone directory. J.S. Haimson offered services in: book binding, photo albums, picture mounting, picture framing, map mounting, files and folder, fancy leatherwork and cardboard boxes. The logo on the following page of the directory is probably David’s design as well.

J.S. Haimson, Bookbinder
Ad for J.S. Haimson, bookbinder,
in the 1944 telephone directory for Haifa, Jaffa and Tel Aviv. Israel State Archives
J.S. Haimson, Bookbinder
Page with logo for J.S. Haimson, bookbinder,
in the 1944 telephone directory for Haifa, Jaffa and Tel Aviv. Israel State Archives
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