A Father and Two Sons

S. Friedmann Ltd. Technical Works, an Israeli company for the production of heating and household appliances.

Shelf sign
A shelf sign, showing the Friedmann logo. Photograph taken during the Typophiles’ Printers’ Pilgrimage to Israel.

The Friedmanns, father Shmaryahu and sons Laiush and Ferry (aged 15 and 13) immigrated to Palestine in 1926 from Hungary. Using basic equipment he had brought with him, the elder Mr. Friedman opened a modest basement repair shop in the Nahalat Shiva neighborhood of Jerusalem. The two boys helped him fix the small kerosene-fueled stoves that were common at the time, as well as other small appliances and plumbing. Ten years later, after studying the kinds of machinery they repaired, the three men founded Friedmann Ltd. and began engineering and manufacturing their own products. The company expanded rapidly during the Second World War, supplying goods to the British Army. It was a major employer in Jerusalem at the time and the saying was, “Either you work for Friedmann or you worked for Friedmann or you work for Friedmann.”1Wikipedia

S. Friedmann Ltd exhibition
An exhibition of products from S. Friedman Ltd. in a trade fair in Israel, c. 1953. Courtesy of the Friedmann family and their web site about S. Friedmann Ltd.

After the war, Friedmann returned to producing innovative consumer products, eventually even branching out to heaters and refrigerators. But Friedmann today remains most famous for its small household stoves. S. Friedmann died in 1957. With the death of both of his sons in the 1970s, the firm came to an end.

Ismar David designed various graphics for the firm, as well as the iconic father and sons symbol. Ferry and Ziva Friedmann were his friends. David designed furniture for them and a memorial for Ferry Friedmann that remains unbuilt.

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