About Geyer Studio

Geyer Studio, a calligraphy studio in New York City, for whom Ismar David consulted , did design work and taught workshops from approximately 1969–1987.

Geyer Studio Greeting Card, 1975/76
Geyer Studio Greeting Card, 1975/76.

Geyer Studio, one of several calligraphy/engrossing studios in NYC. Another was Malcolm & Hayes. These establishments had been around for a long time. Their bread and butter was producing and filling in the names of certificates of all kinds. They also made individual, one-of-a-kind proclamations and citations. According to Marion Andrews, an engrosser from earlier days and an accomplished watercolorist, old Mr. Geyer used to say, “If you can’t make a living between 9 and 5, you should get out of the business.” Harold Yardlan was the second owner of Geyer Studio. His daughter Stephanie succeeded him.

Geyer Studio brochure from 1985
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