About Harold Yardlan

Harold Yardlan, 1922–2004, owner of Geyer Studio, a calligraphy studio in New York.

Geyer Studio
Donald Jackson visiting the Geyer Studio. Jackson and Harold Yardlan, standing in center. Ismar David, Marion Andrews and Estrella Laws, sitting in front.

Harold Yardlan began working for old Mr. Geyer as a young man. As owner of Geyer Studio for more than 50 years, he preserved some of the old engrossing traditions while modernizing towards a modern calligraphic aesthetic. He published Our Calligraphic Heritage in 1979 and, in 1983, produced a 30-minute documentary film on Ismar David’s work. As of today, only a photocopy of the script has survived. This version of the script reveals handwritten edits made by Ismar David. A large portion of the documentary focuses on his work at Pinelawn Memorial Park.

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