About Graphos Stationery

Graphos Stationery, shop on Julian’s Way (later, 1 Kind David Street), Jerusalem

According to his immigration documents, Heinz Freudenthal, “merchant.”, was born in 1909 in Breslau and arrived in Palestine on June 4, 1936. He founded Graphos, which was for many years the best shop for artist and draughting supplies in Jerusalem. Saul Bellow recounts how, after the sidewalk on King David Street had been narrowed, a traffic light was installed directly in front of the store. Old Mr. Freudenthatl comlained and Teddy Kolleck personally intervened to get it removed.1Bellow, Saul, To Jerusalem and Back. Viking Press 1976, New York, NY, p. 112.

In 1943, Ismar David designed the interior of the shop. On December 7, 1952, Heinz Freudenthal registered the trademark that Ismar David designed for him. Rosa David had Freudenthal cousins, but we don’t, as yet, know if Heiz was one of them.

Letter from Heinz Freudenthal
Letter from Heinz Freudenthal, Graphos Stationery, Jerusalem. Ismar David papers, box 1, folder 2, Cary Graphic Arts Collection, RIT.

May 30, 1958

Dear Imi,

Although you are some kilometers away from me, I want to ask your advice: my store is still almost unchanged [from] how you set it up just 15 years ago. Since I now work almost completely alone, I need a sales table in which, as I envision it, there are English characteristics, where the customer can see a larger selection by looking over the sales table, and at the same time, I can sell a larger variety of articles from this sales table.
I am looking now for a drawing of a sales table and wanted to ask you whether and how you can help me and if you want to. Store furnishings that I often see pictured in our industry newspapers are meant for larger and wider stores. I would be very grateful to you if you would send me an answer soon, because I would like to use the summer months for construction, if possible.

Many heartfelt thanks
and best regards, also to your wife,


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