About Emmanuel Grau

Emmanuel Grau, graphic designer, type designer, painter, illustrator, teacher and head of the Department of Applied Graphics at Bezalel.

A 1940 graduate of the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design himself, Emmanuel Grau became a teacher there in the 1950s and went on to head the Department of Applied Graphics. He is credited for designing the lettering and signage for the Hebrew University in Givat Ram campus 1958, the logo of Moshe Spitzer’s publishing house, Tarshish, book illustration and posters. He was a member of the Jerusalem Group of Commercial Artists. When Ismar David’s designs for the 23rd Zionist Congress were re-used for the following Congress, Grau made the necessary adjustments.

Palestine before the Worlds Forum
Palestine before the Worlds Forum by Ismar Freund, cover design by Emmanuel Grau. Rubin Mass, Publisher, Jerusalem, 1946.
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