About the Jerusalem Group of Commercial Artists

A group of commercial artists who lived near each other and informally consulted or collaborated with each other.

Established in 1935, in light of a significant development in the fields of advertising in Jerusalem. Among the members of the association were experienced graphic artists that emigrated from Europe. In November 1949, the Jerusalem branch of the group participated and won a competition for the design of Jerusalem’s city emblem. On three design proposals the artists signed collectively: Francisca Baruch, Emanuel Grau, Ismar David, Elly Gross, Zvi Narkiss and Eliyahu Koren.1Elly Gross: Letters and Ornaments, National Library of Israel Exhibition Catalog, edited by Gil Weissblei, 2012, page 78.

According to a short profile in Publishers’ Weekly in March 24, 1951, Ismar David had served as its president.

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