About Zvi Narkiss

Zvi Narkiss, 1921–2010, type and graphic designer.

Born in Romania, Zvi Narkiss immigrated to Jerusalem in 1944. He studied in the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design and served as chief designer in the IDF training aids unit. He was a member of the Jerusalem Group of Commercial Artists. In 1955, he opened his studio and designed a variety of posters, stamps, bank notes and Hebrew typefaces. In an article1The article is included in A Letter is Forever, a collection of articles dedicated to the design of the Hebrew letter, published by the Ministry of Education, the Division of Torah Culture, the Publications Department in collaboration with the Jewish Art Association, Jerusalem, 1984. about his type design process he mentioned:

“Compared to manuscripts, the old and new Hebrew typefaces I knew, seemed to me motionless, rhythmless, and lacking consistency. However, I must note, there was one exception: David Hebrew, a typeface I fell in love with at first sight”.

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